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Our Weekend in Vilcabamaba

Our Saturday morning began with a gorgeous drive through the mountains to Vilcabamaba, a nearby town. The girls and I were so excited for our first excursion! We went on the most amazing horse ride up through the mountains, where we were able to see unreal views. Camily was a true natural with her horse, and led the group alongside our guide. After our trail-ride we got yummy gelato and shopped for jewelry from the talented local vendors. Then we visited Ichcayluma where we ate lunch from a lookout over the hills and valleys. We made our final stop of the day at El Carmen Cottage; hung on hammocks, picked fruit, and played cards. On sunday we awoke to another breathtaking view! In the afternoon we visited a beautiful (and freezing cold!) river and then it was time to return to Loja. With the help of Aileen and Camily's loving family, we finished off our eventful weekend by successfully throwing Abi a surprise birthday party!

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