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Our Trip To Cuenca!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This weekend for our excursion we went to Cuenca. We woke up early Saturday morning in Loja and drove about six hours to see the Ingapirca ruins. We learned a lot about the "sister city" to Machu Picchu and we were able to see gorgeous views from the top of the mountains! We met “Angel El romántico de la chicha“ who featured us in his music video! Later, we were again asked to be in a YouTube video, by Aileen and Camily’s cousin Karen. We had some great laughs helping her film a “chubby bunny challenge.” Who knew we were on a mission for fame here in Ecuador?!

On Sunday we woke up and did a walking tour of the historic district of Cuenca’s city. We all felt like we were walking the streets of Spain, with the beautiful Cathedrals on every corner and colorful buildings everywhere! We tried some fruits that blew our minds- one called Achotillo. This small red fruit has a spiny outside and must be punctured to reveal the grape-like edible inside. It was neat to try this food that is specific to Ecuador! We wish we had more time to spend in beautiful Cuenca!!

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