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volunteer with children
Aileen Widger with kids

Aileen Widger (formerly Aileen Munoz), is a bright and shining star that we were so fortunate to find in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at her Florida high school. Aileen's contagious spirit and smile has inspired hundreds of impoverished kids to learn English, and led a bold path for the many volunteers that she has recruited and supervised in their international travels.

From the first day she was involved, the Chase Zen Foundation board members could see that she was someone who would go far in our organization! For the past several years, Aileen has helped initiate the Ecuador program and served as the Leader in multiple travel abroad trips on behalf of the Chase Zen Foundation. Her work has included creating the curriculum, selecting a team of volunteers, training, coordinating travel logistics, and supervising her team in the classroom.

Aileen also serves as the ambassador of the Chase Zen Foundation to the schools and cities where she and her team volunteer. Her outward passion for teaching English and helping others has helped our foundation expand our reach and inspire children to learn. We wish we could keep her forever and hope to have Aileen on board through her college years (and beyond!) as she continues to inspire students and build up young leaders to travel the world as #adventuretravel #volunteers!

For more info on how you can Volunteer or Donate click HERE.

Aileen can be contacted at her LinkedIn Page

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