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Day One at Miguel Riofrio

Our first day of teaching at Miguel Riofrio is complete! Today we taught two classes of second graders who were eager to learn English. We focused our lesson on greetings, such as “hello, my name is ___.” The students practiced introducing themselves to each other in small groups. Next, we taught and practiced various emotions such as; happy, sad, mad, scared, and excited. The students picked up on this quickly when acting out each emotion. It was so fun to play games with them, acting out the different emotions. We gave each student a “passport” that they will complete a page in each day, and have a record of all the things they’ve learned at the end of the month! Each student decorated the front cover of their passport with their name, and drew themselves on the first page and wrote out different emotions. It was so heart-warming to see how the children got so excited over simply getting new crayons to color with. We were even stopped by a little girl in the hallway, begging for a crayon! We are all humbled and so happy to be volunteering to put smiles on these students’ faces. Cannot wait to go back and see them again; maybe we'll even be asked for our autographs again!

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